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Solutions to make your job easier!

Education DATA-lyzer (EDU)


Data Frontline's Education Data-lyzer Utility (EDU) provides an interface for schools (public, private, or homeschool) to administer student information.

The application was designed to provide schools the ability to track teacher lesson plans, students, assignments, quizzes, tests, special projects, and grades for each of those items.  It also provides for progress reports, report cards and the all important transcript!

Even better, this application is sold as SaaS which means a school does not need to invest in new hardware infrastructure - we've taken care of that for you!


This is an innovative product and service that we are offering to people looking for new jobs.

In today's Job Search Industry, people are pressured now more than ever to stand out during the application process.  With hundreds of applicants looking to take the same position, job seekers are needing a distinct advantage that will set them apart from the rest of the pack.


One such strategy can be found in the creation of “Visumés”, or Video Résumés.  According to research conducted in 2014, less than 18% of all job applicants have created a Visumé of their own.  However, almost 90% of Hiring Managers suggest that they would be willing to view a Visumé if they were sent one.  Learn more about how Data Frontline can give you that advantage!

Production DATA-lyzer (PDU)

Data Frontline's Product Data-lyzer Utility (PDU) was designed to make the tracking of oil and gas field related information simple and efficient.

This application (SaaS) allows oil and gas producing companies to track oil, gas, and water dispositions.  You will be able to import data, enter data manually, and generate reports.  And, you can export your data into your favorite tools (like Microsoft Excel) to manipulate your information even further.

Sales Lead Tracker (SLTU)


There are a lot of CRM tools available in the market today.  However, they are extremely expensive too.  Data Frontline's Sales Lead Tracker Utility (SLTU) provides a very simple means by which a sales person can track their leads, potential leads, and future meetings.

The application is a stand alone application installed on your desktop, laptop, or favorite Microsoft OS based device​.


"Blue Tip Energy continues to thrive from a successful business relationship with Data Frontline,

Inc. Data Frontline provides consistent service in production database work, regulatory reporting,

and project management support in the integration of assets in Blue Tip’s portfolio. Their advice

and diligent follow through eases the work load in Blue Tip’s fast paced and dynamic business

model. We look forward to continued success by working with Data Frontline."

Jeff Ryan – Project Coordinator,  

Blue Tip Energy 

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