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Data Frontline to launch new Athletic Recruiting tool!


Data Frontline, Inc. is excited to announce to announce the launch of a new product and service - Distinctive Recruiting!  This product and service will initially focus on student-athletes pursuing opportunities to play sports at the college level.  The service will be very distinctive by offering expected functionality along with things not usually found in other recruiting tools.  We will be launching August, 2015 for basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, swimming, golf, tennis, track and field, cross-country, and lacrosse!  We will potentially add other sports in the future.



Data Frontline launches new "Visume" service.

In today's Job Search Industry, people are pressured now more than ever to stand out during the application process.  With hundreds of applicants looking to take the same position, job seekers are needing a distinct advantage that will set them apart from the rest of the pack.


One such strategy is in the creating of “Visumés” or Video Résumés.  According to research conducted in 2014, less than 18% of all job applicants have created a Visumé of their own.  However, almost 90% of Hiring Managers suggest that they would be willing to view a Visumé if they were sent one.


Data Frontline will be ready to help you with it's new 150Connect service!  Go to to learn more!


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